Nungua Coco beach 2nd Awikoona Street, Accra, Ghana


2 Plots of Land, Nungua Coco Beach

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2 plots of land at coco beach Nungua 

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Nungua is a town in the Krowor Municipal District in the Greater Accra Region of southeastern Ghana near the coast. Nungua is the eighteenth most populous settlement in Ghana with a population of 84,119 people.

Nungua is modernized with a lot of the social amenity development provided to a town by a country. The town is less deprived of roads, energy, and water for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes.

Its community is strategically planned with good road networks from the coastal belt to the south and industrial and commercial areas in the north, west, and east of the town. Nungua has prudential non-gated estates like brigade and Ravico and gated estates like BonaVista and Regimannuel.

The Nungua community has a list of educational facilities that are of a good standard. Every level of educational facilities can be found within its jurisdiction, being it basic, high, vocational, or tertiary. Schools like Quaye Nungua Roman Catholic Basic and Junior High School, Queensland preparatory and Junior High School, Nungua Senior High School, Abi’s Creation, Laweh Open University, and the Regional Maritime university are some of the high standards schools found in Nungua.

The community is within reach of preeminent transport systems like the Accra – Tema railway and the Accra – Tema Road, Accra – Ashaiman road, and Spintex – Sakumono road.

To its south is the coast, to its West has the Brigade Estates and the Teshie-Nungua Estate, to its North is Baatsonaa-Spintex, an Urbanized locality with a lot of businesses and industries, and to its, West is the Junction Mall, Regional Maritime University and the Sakumono Estate.

Nungua is well known for refreshing recreational and shopping centres like its loving and relieving beaches, the Junction Mall, and Graceland and Queensland Sports Complex.

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Economic Information

Nungua is accessible by rail, road and sea. It is served by a station on the eastern network of the national railway system. A bridge that was out of service for some time was repaired in 2009. Taxi, tro tro (mini buses), Metro Transit Buses are available on road. canoes are also used by local folks along the beach

The proportion of Ghanaians by birth in the municipality is 95.5 percent. Those who have naturalised constitute 0.5 percent and the non-Ghanaian population in the municipality is 2.1 percent. Of the population 15 years and older, 49.6 percent are self-employed without employees, 36.8 percent are employees and self-employed with employees accounting for 6 percent. More men are likely to be employees whiles majority of the females found themselves as self-employed without employees. The private informal sector is the largest employer in the municipality, employing 69.7 percent of the population followed by the private formal (19.2%) with the public sector accounted for 9.5 percent.

Transaction details

Nungua being the 18th most populous settlement in Ghana, with a population of 84,199 people, property acquisition is in high demand due to the influx migration of people to the town and it being less deprived of basic social amenities and its accessibility to major transport communication system within the country and the capital Ghana in general.

The value of land acquisition ranges from $10,648 to $3014,820. And also, the value of acquiring an apartment ranging from one bedroom to three bedrooms self-contained is between $53.42 to $933.29 per month.

Nungua is accessible by rail, road, and sea. It is served by a station on the eastern network of the national railway system. Taxi, Trotro (commercial buses), and Metro Transit Buses are available at the GPRTU transport station called the Nungua Station. Canoes are also used by local folks along the beach for fishing. Vehicles conveying people to Accra, Circle, Nungua, Tema, Lashibi, Klagon, Ashaiman, Spintex, Airport, East Legon, Madina, Accra Mall (Tetteh Quarshie Roundabout), and Lapaz can all be found at the Nungua Station.




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